the second sitting


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  overlocked suit jacket

overlocked suit jacket

NEOSS proudly presents its second ready to wear collection, a historic exploration into the female form, a re-imagining of garments which changed the way the female body was distorted and admired; corsets, stomachers, the bustle and pieces that for such a long time were considered gender specific; the suit.

A considerable amount of the creation process was focused on acknowledging the attitude applied to wearing such garments and also the context in which they were worn. This study soon led to the representation of women through portraiture. Suit wearing stage artist Sarah Bernhardt and the energetic impressionist paintings of Berthe Morisot were a particular influence in this regard. Morisot captured a real attitude and engagement with the women she painted and this informed the artistic direction of ‘THE SECOND SITTING’.

Dappled backdrops reminiscent of school photographs house the girls wearing garments rich in influence but subtle in their communication.

All pieces are made from dead stock fabrics donated by fashion houses, fabric that would have been discarded but has been transformed into an elegant and refined collection. Only small runs of each piece will be available.

  overlocked suit trousers

overlocked suit trousers

  pleated bra with overlocked skirt

pleated bra with overlocked skirt


photography : polly hanrahan

make up : ksenia galina

hair : abena adjei 

girls : rachel, xalan, laura, kiana

set painters : madeleine ruggi & elle lux