Encouraged by the shapes they developed for their A/W 16 collection, the neoss duo, Georgie and Natalie, have applied them playfully to a new collection, ‘neoss swim’.

“The collection was designed considering ‘the girls’, the ones we live with, see every weekend and go on holiday with every summer. We are all very different in what we want from swimwear, which parts of our bodies we want on show and which parts we want to remain very much tan-less. We built each piece for one of them, overlapping their pre-requisites with our design aesthetic to create something that still fit with our brand, but that the people most important to us would want to wear.”

“I suppose you could say each piece has a characteristic of theirs in it. Whether it’s the sports-style of the RACER bikini, or the elegance of the Ryder, there’s a different personality in each one.”

Georgie and Natalie used the girls behind the development of the collection to model the pieces for their campaign shots.

“I think we will always use girls that we know or that we discover that we think reflect us as a brand. It’s far more interesting than picking models from a book. For this collection we of course chose to use the girls who motivated the development of the designs. The images have not been retouched and there was no hair and make up, the girls just arrived the way they wished to be photographed. ”

The collection is very much a celebration of friendship that maintains the elegant shape and aesthetic that we can see from their previous work.

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