Maya Njie Perfume - Tobak

Maya Njie Perfume - Tobak

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Tobak is a dark, pointed yet comforting scent composed of sweet smoky notes of tobacco leaf, vetiver, and warm hints of cinnamon. The base is made up of animalic musks and leather ; ‘addictive’ becomes the word.

Key Notes:

tobacco leaf/ vetiver/ musk/ leather/ cedar


Visual memories, family photographs and past olfactory encounters act as inspiration in Maya’s perfume making. It’s her Swedish and West African heritage blended and poured into bottles. These perfumes are genderless and work beautifully being layered.


All perfumes are formulated and developed by Maya using high quality essential oils, aroma compounds and resins. None of the oils derive from animals, the ambergris and musk used are synthetic substitutes.

With care and precision, the blends are made in small fresh batches, filtered and bottled individually by hand in Maya’s London studio.

The oil content is 30% on average so the products are therefore classed as Eau de parfum.

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